Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Festivities

Happy Easter!  Brett's Easter excitement started a few weeks ago with a DSG event.  Brett wasn't a fan of the Easter bunny and was in a hurry to get off his lap. 

At the DSG event Brett was able to meet Rachel Coleman of Signing Times.  He was a little star struck.  This was his first celebrity encounter and he wasn't really sure how to act.  Hopefully, he'll be able to take his eyes of the next celebrity he meets long enough for a picture.    

The Easter fun continued today with an egg hunt at the church. 

So many eggs!  Where do I start? 

Here is a nice blue egg. 

Oh wait, I see another egg I want.  Orange perhaps (Brett has professed his love for the color orange)!?!

Pink, even better! 

After the egg hunt was over, we headed out to meet the Easter bunny.  Brett still wasn't real impressed with the guy, so I jumped in to stall the tears.  Take note, the pink egg traveled with us. 

Finally, we headed to the gym for some dancing. 

Brett decided it was time for a rest and sat down with some eggs.  However, the eggs were not enough.  He gave the other kids some pretty good "share with me" eyes and they handed over a spoon.   

Unfortunately, no one told Brett the spoon was only for pretending and not actually eating. 

Somewhere in the confusion Brett misplaced his pink egg and was left with a yellow.  Not quite the same, but Brett was still excited to show it off.

Don't worry, we found the pink egg just before we left and Brett has been playing with it all afternoon.

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  1. After Quinn's first Easter she hunted eggs, we had the basket and eggs out until I finally decided they didn't "go" with the Christmas tree! ;) K