Friday, July 29, 2011

Deanna Rose

Last Saturday, we had a family outing at Deanna Rose. 

For those not from the Kansas City area, Deanna Rose is where "city" kids go to find out what a farm is like.  This is such a bizarre concept for me.  Both Cody and I grew up in small towns.  My family didn't farm, but we did have horses, chickens, goats, rabbits, and ducks growing up.  I saw pigs, cows and other farm animals on a regularly basis.  Cody grew up in a similar situation.  However, since having Brett I realize that Deanna Rose is a cool place.  We don't make it to visit our families very often and Brett hasn't had the opportunity to see these types of animals. 

Brett's favorite spot was the cow bells.  He would have shook those things for an hour if we would have let him. 

After the bells, we stopped by to see the cows.  They were milking a cow when we arrived, but Brett didn't seem to care at all.  He had his eyes on the calf that was nearby. 

It didn't take long for Brett to lose interest in the animals.  Once he spotted a play area he was off to more important things.
(getting ready to slide)

(playing peek-a-boo with dad)

After a little bit a relaxation (and a lot of time in the swing) we were back on course.  These kids were just about Brett's size.  I think he bonded with them. 

The only problem with Deanna Rose is that it is outside.  We started and 9 am to beat the heat, but it didn't take long for the temperatures to reach the upper 90s.  We found a nice spot in the shade and stopped for a quick picture with dad.

In case you didn't know, Brett is a pretty big kid these days (he has reached the ripe age of 14 months).  Since realizing this, Brett has to do everything by himself as well.  Therefore, we took a quick picture of Brett by himself in the swing.  In all honestly, it's pretty cute to see this kids face when he realizes he doesn't have to have mom or dad help him do something.  Even if it is as simple as sitting in a swing.

Before heading home, we stopped by the swings one last time and grabbed a picture with mom.  Let me reiterate- it was a hot day!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy 4th of July

I know we are a little late.  4th of July weekend was a busy one for us.  We packed up and headed to visit lots of family. 

Brett was able to see his great grandma and grandpa Meyers.

 He sees his grandpa every few months, but hasn't seen his grandma since last 4th of July.  And boy, he was sure excited to see her!

I found this picture from our visit last year.  He sure has grown a lot. 

After our much too short visit with them, we headed to too great aunt Trish and uncle Jerry's for some food and fireworks. 

Brett watched the bubbles with his cousin Ross.

He enjoyed some fireworks from his very own chair (courtesy of Jerry and Trish)

The best part of the day was getting to catch up with his cousins (Peyton 12 months, Ross 28 months, Brett 14 months). 

The three of them haven't been together since Christmas and boy have they missed each other.

Our last stop was to Trenton.  Brett headed to church with grandpa and grandpa Peters.

Then it was off to their house to cause some trouble. Brett's friend Wyatt even joined in on the fun!