Monday, January 17, 2011

Our New Friend Pat

Cody, Brett and I had a very busy afternoon.  We started off at the lawyers office to finalize our trust, will, etc.  I highly recommend that everyone get this done, but this is especially important for parents of those that have children with special needs.   

We then headed to CMH for a follow-up appointment with the cardiologist.  Brett has put on more than 3 pounds since surgery (no wonder his nine month clothes are getting snug) and she said he was looking great.  We stopped fortifying Brett's bottles and quit giving him Lasix more than a week ago and there is no need go back.  Other than a strange lump near his incision, he was perfect.  The doc doesn't think it is an infection or anything else to worry about, but we need to keep an eye on it.  We were also given the all clear to resume therapies.  This is especially good news as we started back up more than 2 weeks ago.  I'm pretty positive that they told us one month, not 6 weeks, when we left the hospital.   

After a 2 hours visit at the hospital we headed home for a quick nap and bottle.  After Brett's power nap, the three of us headed out for a pretty cool encounter.  We met Pat and his mom.  Cody and I didn't know much about Down syndrome when Brett was born.  In fact, Brett was the first person we knew with Down syndrome.  Cody and I have gone to a few events with the DSG and have seen children playing in the distance, but we've never met any of them.  Our interactions with individuals with Down syndrome have been limited to those under the age of two.  That's why meeting Pat was so cool. 

Pat is a 24 year old with Down syndrome.  And he is a typical guys, guys.  He enjoys music, sports and most importantly giving his 3 brothers a hard time.  He and I enjoy watching many of the same TV shows.  He's witty and doesn't miss a beat in a conversation.  When I picked Brett up from his car seat, Pat said "he looks like me!"  Brett does have some of the same features as Pat and we can already tell that Brett will have the same love for music.  I wish I had a picture to share with you, as Pat lit up when he saw Brett and Brett was pretty interested in Pat.  However, I was not very prepared tonight and forgot our camera at home.

It was great meeting you guys this evening and I hope we can meet up again very soon.              


  1. Neat! I smiled when I read "He looks like me!" How fun!

  2. Loved hearing about your meeting with Pat! So, so neat. Both Jace and LC had a (gross) lump that formed after surgery right at the bottom of their sternums. Oh, I couldn't, couldn't, couldn't think of it or touch it. It seemed to go away as they both grew. Love to hear Brett's following in Jace's chunky footsteps. :0) Way to go, ButterBall! Keep it up! xoxox