Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brett's First Playdate

We received the news Thursday morning that Ms. Laura's furnace needed a break and her family was living in an ice box.  Brett's aunt Dana spent the day hanging with the boy, but headed out that that afternoon to miss the evening traffic.  Little did we know, Ms. Laura's furnace had truly bit the dust and a replacement would not come until Friday afternoon.  Unless we wanted to send Brett to Ms. Laura's in his new snowsuit, he needed to find somewhere to hang out and fast.  

Before I get too far into my story, please be aware that I try to pretend that I am clever, witty and have a way with words.  The truth is I really steal all my ideas from our dear friend Courtney.  She is actually the one with all the humor and she has more creativity in her pinkie than I in my entire body.  If you really want to be entertained you can see Brett's play date through her eyes. 

I called Courtney Thursday evening to beg her to take my son the following afternoon.  I didn't even finish my pleading before she happily agreed.  Brett was so excited to see his buddy Jace, he was full of smiles all morning.  

Once we arrived, the boys gave each other a nice pat on the back (a hug would have been too girly) and started their day.  

From the information I received, Brett was a party pooper and spent most of his morning napping.  This is probably best, because Courtney and Justin have more than just one small child to chase- they have two!  That's right, they graciously took my rugrat even though they have two children of their own.  I'm not sure how Courtney managed to wrangle three kids, under the age of three, for a day, but she did.  The worst part- she managed to bake us a batch of cookies as well.  Cody may begin to question his choice in wife if I'm not careful. 

Once Brett woke from his morning nap, he was full of energy. 


He was also pretty pumped about all the toys Jace and LC were willing to share.  Now, if he could just figure out how lean over without falling on his face, he might actually be able to play with some of those toys.

I knew Courtney and Justin would keep a good eye on Brett, but was a little concerned that he might come back with a few bruises.  Don't get me wrong, Courtney's children are sweet and adorable, but they are toddlers.  Jace and LC are older than Brett and they are both mobile.  In addition, even though Brett is bigger than most of his peers, he is a shrimp when next to Jace.  After reading Courtney's take on the day, I discovered this fear was ill founded.  While Jace enjoyed having Brett over, he did not particularly enjoy the loud, high pitched baby noises Brett made.  Therefore, he kept his distance for a chunk of the afternoon.  

All-in-all Brett's first play date was a success.  I know Brett had a great day, because he was out as soon as he got home.  A big thanks to Courtney, Justin, LC and Jace for coming to the rescue on such short notice! 

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  1. Brett is flippin' adorable!!! Such a happy looking kiddo, clearly his parents are doing a nifty job! :)