Monday, March 19, 2012

The Things That Ail Us

Brett has had a rough few weeks.  I blame it on myself as I bragged one too many times that Brett hadn't really been sick.  He's only had to be on an antibiotic once- that is until a month ago.  

In the last month the kid has had ring worm, pink eye and an ear infection.  I blame some of it on the fact that he moved from an in-home daycare to a center last month.  We love that he is getting some interaction with kids his own age and is being forced to vocalize to get what he wants (apparently only mom knows the difference between his "all done" and "wheels on the bus" signs).  However, this also means he is exposed to some new germs and bacteria.    

This week Brett has a new ailment.  

He has broken out in hives!  While the pediatrician has assured us it is an allergic reaction to something, it still grosses me out.  

 I can't recall any changes we've made to soap, detergent, foods, etc. so we aren't sure what is causing the reaction.  Hopefully some Benadryl and time will kick the spots. 

In the mean time, Brett seems to be staying positive!

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