Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Decorating

So we finally got around to decorating Brett's pumpkin.  Actually, we replaced his original pumpkin as the dog ate the first.  I don't think Brett noticed the switch, so the dog is still in his good graces.

We considered painting, coloring and carving the pumpkin, but we decided glitter was the best way to decorate a pumpkin.

Brett thoroughly enjoyed shaking the can the glue. 

He stayed focus while adding the glitter. 

Once the glitter was added to the pan, we tossed in the pumpkin. 

Brett tried a few different techniques in order to achieve the best glitter coverage.

Once he realized that the pumpkin was covered, he marveled at his masterpiece.

Brett paused for a quick picture,

covered himself in glitter,

and took off!

I'm glad I was able to provide him with 5 minutes of entertainment.

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