Saturday, December 4, 2010

Same Story Different Day

Nothing new to report. They are still working to get Brett off the vent. They suggested that Cody and I head home to take a warm shower and sleep in our own bed, so we did just that. Brett has a 24 hour nurse while in the PICU, but when moved to the floor will only have someone stop by every hour or so. Based on the discussions with the nurses and some other great friends that have been down this, or a similar, road, we thought this will be the best time to recoup. Grandma Cindy stayed at the hospital, so Brett would still have someone to hang out with.

They were hoping to remove his breathing tube last night, but I didn't receive a call from the hospital (I asked that they call if they make any changes), so I'm assuming it didn't happen. Here is to hoping that it gets done this morning and Brett is moved by late afternoon.

It is great reading everyone's comments, keep them coming. I'm off to the hospital!

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