Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jimmy Meyers

Brett was born on a pretty cool day. His birthday is 5/5/10. Some think it is special because it is Cinco De Mayo, others because 5+5=10. These are both pretty neat, but what really makes the day Brett was born extra special is this: the day Brett was brought to earth is the same day (5/5) his cousin Jimmy entered heaven. I never met Jimmy, as he was taken away from Cody's family on 5/5/96, one month before his high school graduation by a drunk driver.

Brett is more than 6 months old, so you may wonder why I am just now posting about this. Today, Brett met his great uncle, Jimmy's dad, Dan. You could see the pride in Dan's eyes as he held Brett for the first time.
As Brett gets older, he will get to travel to Texas to spend time with his uncle and we will be able to tell him stories about his cousin Jimmy. Thanks for visiting Dan, we were all excited to see you.

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