Sunday, October 17, 2010

St. Louis Getaway

We had our first real trip this weekend. We packed up and headed to St. Louis Friday morning to see Cody (who has been working in St. Louis all week) and for a friends' wedding. Brett did a great job on the 4 hour trip. He talked with "Blue", his sing-a-ma-jig, most of the way to St. Louis. I don't think I will ever tire of his babbling and laughing.

We met our family in Washington for dinner at Basket Case Deli (great food) where Brett made sure to explain how the world works to his new cousin Caroline.
We were super excited to see dad after his week away and he was sure to make Brett smile (as always).

Cody and I had a great time at the wedding, while Brett stayed busy with his grandma, grandpa and crazy great aunts. Congrats Matt and Erin!

We hit the road Sunday afternoon and Brett was a superstar on the ride back. He was wiped out!

It looks like he's not the only one. Uncle Wade must have had a rough weekend as well.

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