Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Is it bad when your child has more of a social life than you? Brett has kept us very busy the last few days. We started Thursday with a Halloween party at the IDC with all of Brett's classmates.

Brett spent Friday morning partying at Ms. Laura's house where we received a nice book and festive bib. Ms. Laura sure does spoil us.

We awoke on Saturday to find that Brett had an invitation to another party. This one was at a nearby church. Brett was able able to spend some time with his old buddy Jace and even met a new friend, Eli, who was dressed as a gorilla (sorry, no pictures of our friends. I'm terrible at remembering to pull out the camera).

Brett enjoyed hanging out with all of his friends, but no one can hold a candle to his daddy. Not even me, his mommy!

Saturday evening we headed back to Ms. Laura's to a neighborhood party. I couldn't let Brett be seen in the same costume twice (at least by the same people), so this time he went as a tiger. Hide your eyes as he is pretty scary!

Isaac didn't seem too afraid of the ferocious tiger and made sure to put him in his place by pulling on his tail.
The Hanavan family is already Halloweened out and it's just now Halloween. Looks like we will be spending the evening at home passing out candy to the neighborhood kids.

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