Thursday, October 21, 2010

Great News......Really?

After some miscommunication on CMH's end, Brett was finally presented last Friday. We got the call from the cardiologist yesterday that he was approved for surgery and that we just need to schedule a day. However, the individual that schedules cardiac surgeries at Children's Mercy is on vacation until the 26th. Therefore, we are still waiting.

This was great news, but also very frightening. Surgery was supposed to happen in far off November or December, but November is quickly approaching and Brett could be admitted for heart surgery in a matter of weeks. I'm not sure that I'm am equipped to handle all that entails. Who is the best surgeon for the job? How do we make sure he doesn't get sick before than? Can he get tubes placed in his ears at the same time? How long do we need to keep him at home following surgery? Lots of questions, but no one to answer them.

I'm hoping to take Brett to the pediatrician next Monday, because he still isn't eating very well. I am hoping that she can help put my mind at ease. Brett has to have this surgery in order to thrive. He should have more energy, be able to put on weight quicker and I'm hoping won't have as much trouble breathing. Knowing that, I still don't think any mother can be fully prepared for something so big.

We should get a lot of information over the next week, so I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.

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  1. Oh, the comments I could leave........

    But I am happy you have something semi-definite in the works. (And you know I'd be flattered to be bombarded with any questions you have in the meantime...NO question is too small or trivial.) I think it's how I survived LC's surgery experience, especially...